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Without another word being spoken, it began, and she knew that this one was going to be bad. Tied up at school. I'll never take anything from the mail again. Bare bottom spanking blog. There is a knot starting to form in my stomach as I present the report card to Mom, and I see the frown forming on her face.

I was extremely embarrassed and utterly ashamed when people found out or, worse, saw how my stepdad disciplined me, even knowing that some may likely view him in a bad light. The stream had gotten deep and the water reached up to her thighs, it was cold but washed away the sweat and dirt from trudging through the forest.

As she handed it to me it fell to the floor; I didn't bother picking it up. Gang bang porn gallery. Shows she's reallysorry and willing to take her punishment. There are a few benefits: This is what it was like. The children of those in the nursing home? What did you say? My youngest is 8, and he's starting to get more spankings now. Mom only uses her hairbrush for the most emphatic of my lessons - and it's appearance here today is devastating.

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But she was wearing the black dress, cheap wool that fitted her body snugly and the leather strap, hung from a metal ring sewn on her dress at the hip. Ls island photos. The trees stood far apart and she had to force her way through thick under brush. It is in these small towns, in which parents use corporal punishment so frequently that the schools get the full support of the community to use the paddle as they see fit.

Kal had given up everything for her and she had responded by throwing a stick at him. But she had almost forgotten how exposed she was to him. Bare bottom spanking blog. Hey everyone With restarting the blog, I went through the linksin our blogroll and deleted all the old links of no-longer active sites.

Can spanking kids cause future behavioral issues? That turned into a well-earned paddling, but in the grand scope of things, not the worst spanking she had ever had. After dinner, I was summoned to the Court of Mother and Father. The black dress, hoisted above her hips, was all she was wearing, one of only two items she owned, the dress and the leather strap the farmer held in his hand.

Now all she wanted to do was get away as quickly as possible. Kamikaze premium 55. Nevertheless, I continued to feel the stigma of shame when even thinking about the manner in which my stepdad punished me and of my punishment being witnessed by all those who were present at various times. My apologies for not replying sooner; I have been away.

At some point she found a small stream with just a bit of water.

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Online Poll Using WebSurveyor. And cut my legs to pieces, I had burn marks for weeks and did nothing like what I saw other children did or say to their parents. I don't condone beatings AT ALL, but a good swift swat on the bottom in love can prevent major future infractions. He now expects that she will lower her own panties and then climb over his lap on her own. Top Family Life Stories 10 Too-Real Things You'll Only Understand If You've Ever Attended a Latinx Wedding The Ultimate List of Indoor Activities For When Playing Outside Isn't an Option Are Coed Sleepovers For Kids Now a Thing?

Search titles only Posted by Member: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Bare bottom spanking blog. We meet, privately, in her bedroom - where we discuss the misdemeanour. People thought this was That turned into a well-earned paddling, but in the grand scope of things, not the worst spanking she had ever had.

Uncategorized I make no secret that I miss Michaela McGowen and appreciate that any model will not be around for ever so we were lucky to have such a hot beautiful and sexy girl such as Michaela work for Firmhandspanking. Household prostate massager. Strict Momma shows no mercy as she wallopes her bratty girls ass swiftly RED with her trusty strap.

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