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Five Lemons with the shortest being less than 2, words long. Swinger pics xxx. About Us Terms of Use Privacy policy Advertise with us. Naruto x sakura x hinata. Link by Aoi Azzura on Each of our heroines now faces a journey of their own. The way the sun made her hair illuminate, her eyes looking like sparkling gems So Naruto x Hinata all the way. Athletes having sex. Third, there is no way I could ever ask that of Hinata-san since she's a good person, fourth, her father and her cousin would have me burned alive for trying to take Hinata like that, fifth, Sakura would murder me for even asking that of Hinata if she heard me even mention it in passing, sixth, both of them would never agree to what you suggested since there's no way the two of them would want to do that with me, and lastly, you know already what I am trying to see Kyuubi, so don't make me say it… "Me inside of you huh?

Naruto smiled at them as he continued to roast the meat and they all got down to eating what they could, with Naruto using a clean flat piece of wood as a chopping block and using his kunai to cut the meat to slivers for them to eat while the rain was still going strong outside. Naruto submitted 1 month ago by Dalek And she knew that now was the right time to come true with her own feelings, she knew that Naruto always cared for her and loved her, enough to risk his life many times over to save her own and to make her happy.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Sakura was next to him and licking his ear…. Demyx - 11 years ago Look folks it is very simple: Naruto had thankfully saved a lot of money and had won a large pot in a gambling game, showing that he still had the amazing luck in gambling and he was the one paying for the meals as a way to apologizing for the misunderstanding between them all.

Also Hinata had been supportive of Naruto from the outset even when he was still an outcast - they really deserve each other!

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Demyx - 11 years ago Look folks it is very simple: Blushing happily, the younger ninja nodded. Home sex movies tube. Grif Does a Rescue. Sakura and him had changed together and he would not have it any other way, while Hinata always loved him deeply and to know she loved him even with his curse made it all the more beautiful. I mean, I am a Jinchuuriki after all, and I have to live with that, I am also being hunted by Akatsuki, if they found out about you two being very important to me, they might come after you….

Blue Relationship Goals Rooster Teeth Podcast RT Animated Adventures RT Docs RT Life RT Podcast Let's Play RT Shorts RWBY RWBY Chibi The Lab The Slow Mo Guys Tuesday Night Game Fight See All Series. Naruto x sakura x hinata. The blonde Genin felt like he was going to faint dead away at the sight before him as he saw both Hinata and Sakura swallow his cum without any problems or bad reactions at all, the sight of that, coupled with the way they used their hands to remove the cum on their breasts and licked their fingers clean was enough to make the blonde Genin fully recover his stamina as he was eager for the rest of the night to get underway.

Common sense and self promotion policies are here Spoilers Click the "spoiler" button to mark a post containing spoilers. All the while, the three got to know each other a lot more and Sakura began to see all the qualities that she had deliberately ignored in Naruto that Hinata had already seen since they were young, and she began to see how Hinata would fall in love with Naruto, he always did his best to keep their spirits up and when things were boring he would try his best to make them laugh and keep them happy, and there were signs that she recalled seeing when Naruto would be silent as he touched his stomach, she knew that with the look on his face, it was not hunger at all that bothered him, but the Kyuubi that resided inside of him.

The band of thuggishdrunkards surrounded the three of them and Naruto did not like the way the men were leering at both Hinata and Sakura, he was not in the mood for anyone, least of all these drunken idiots laying hands on his friends, especially those who were close to his heart.

Sakura never did something that showed she loved Naruto and would give her life for him. Gore, mutilation, bestiality, or necrophilia.

But Hinata Wasen't the Most Closest Female Character To Naruto ,The Closest Female Character for Naruto Was Probably Sakura Because Sakura Isn't Shy At All When it Come's to Naruto I Mean.. Indian actress anal. On the next arc, we'll have a different pairing, but this is still following the idea of two women with one guy so I hope you readers don't mind reading about that for a while as I have been on a lemon streak for the time being.

But you were worried about your adorable son.

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Grif Does a Rescue. Message 'Innocent' Questions Hinata x fem! Naruto felt like he was living his dream and it was a dream he was not keen on ending for any reason. I-I-I think you should let those clothes of yours dry…. I have seen both in the manga and the anime that Sakura has developed tender feelings for Naruto and in this case…they take a more romantic turn.

What were you thinking about, that you kept staring? Karasawa - 11 years ago Actaully, im not sure anymore, Naruto and Hinata is a good match, aye Hinata would get depressed though: The trio set out of the town hall, careful not to get hurt by anything and then began to search the houses.

It was not long for Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata to notice that they were being watched by the thugs and then the people in question got up from their own table and made their way towards Naruto and the others.

After an hour or so, the fish was finally cooked well after the two would move it to be cooked evenly Naruto walked back dressed in his t-shirt and short pants, and both those clothes were soaking wet and clung to his frame, making Hinata blush at the sight as well as Sakura who turned and got the fish out from the fire and as soon as Naruto arrived, he spoke to Sakura and Hinata.

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